Are You Afraid of Change?


Do we really understand life?

We think we know life. We think what we think is right is right. We think what we think is the reality is the reality. What if I tell you that most of that is incorrect ? You will obviously not believe me. Well don’t, just consider the possibility for now.

Plato once said ” I am the smartest man on earth , because i know that i know nothing “. He was one of the greatest philosophers who devoted his entire life to understand life and that is what he concluded. And we conclude we are right without even a minute of thought or any questioning. He clearly meant that everyone thinks that they know life but when you actually understand that you don’t understand that is when you know life and have broken this cage of illusion. But will our ego let us believe that what we thought for our entire life to be true , actually wrong ? Please find an answer.

We are merely puppets of our believes, or to say more accurately , slaves. Terrorists kill thinking there act to be correct. Elders guide thinking they know what’s right and children follow thinking that elders know what’s right. People bribe and still blame corruption.

Millions in this world will do anything to have a life you are living and we still want more success, status and money to be happy. We care about the size of our car and mobile more than we care about those dying with disease that can be cured or about those dying from starvation. Our fellow humans are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, child labour and thousand other curses and blaming the government is all we can do.
You don’t have to do much if you want to understand life, just question your beliefs with a why and have an open mind. Try it, attempt will be worth the effort.